Mid-Herts RAYNET is a group of licensed radio amateurs based in and around Hertfordshire and is constituted as a registered charity (England and Wales, no. 1104490). Our mission is to provide voluntary communications within the terms of our radio licence, to served organisations, in accordance with our constitution which lays out the charitable aims and governance of the group.

Here to stay

Our group, established over 28 years ago, forms part of the national organisation known as RAYNET-UK, established in 1953 to provide voluntary communications in time of need. The UK Amateur Radio Licence permits radio amateurs to handle “third party” messages for the user services - British Red Cross, St. John Ambulance, St. Andrew’s First Aid, the Royal Voluntary Service, the Salvation Army, any government department, and any category 1- or 2- responder as defined in the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. RAYNET-UK has a national membership of volunteers organized on a county basis. Thus, any event too large for a local group to handle by itself can be staffed with the aid of operators from neighbouring groups. Many RAYNET groups have equipment installed in county, district and borough emergency communication rooms, hospitals and some ambulances in order to provide a vital and first class service under emergency conditions. Exercises are held with the user services to practice emergency procedures.


RAYNET volunteers are licensed radio amateurs, dedicated, trained and insured for the provision of an efficient communication service. They are technically qualified in the installation, operation and maintenance of their equipment. Our Mobile Communications Vehicle (MCV) can be set up almost anywhere, providing a professional radio network control facility. Members of the group check all their equipment during a weekly net and train on the third Thursday of each month.


However, our members also provide voluntary communications in support of user services for a wide range of public events such as marathons and charity walks. These events allow RAYNET volunteers to perform a useful public service, while practicing their communications skills.


RAYNET members give their time and equipment free of charge during events, using their own handheld or vehicle-mounted radios operating on licensed amateur radio frequencies. The Mobile Communications Vehicle we use on most events was purchased using group funds and refurbished using donated equipment, with grants for specific items. However, we are always grateful for donations from event organizers, as these help to cover the running costs of the vehicle. Mid-Herts RAYNET does not engage in direct public fundraising.

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